Shan Guolin


Shan, born in Shanghai, February, 1942, is good at historic studies on theories of Chinese painting and calligraphy. He graduated from the Art Theory Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts in1965. He is also the director and researcher of Painting and Calligraphy Department, Shanghai Museum, as well as a member of National Accreditation Board. He is the editor of Huayan Painting and Calligraphy Collection and Fine Collection of Famous Paintings at Sea. Among the theses he issued are Discussions on Zhejiang Junnian Xingji and its Painting Style, Discussion on Painting Trade in Ming Dynasty, Yuan Qi Lin Li Zhang You Shi-Comments on Zhang Daqian's Landscape Painting with Splash Ink, Discussions on Paintings by Goldstone School in Modern Times, etc. He once preached in the US and attended seminars in the US, Japan, Hong Kong, etc. He is also the visiting professor of many universities of Shanghai.