World Museum Tower


展 - 学 - 商

The Design Concepts of World Museum Building

I Design Inspiration
The World Museum Building, a representative of condensed history and the essence of modern culture, highlights the Chinese character “Wen” (hereinafter referred to as “Wen”). “Wen” inscribes its spirit, combines the overall layout of architectural group and magnifies its international branding position.
3 decades and 6 years has passed in a snap. It is indeed a flash in the long course of history, but the past 36 years represents an arduous, progressing and splendid course for Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. From an unknown border town, Shenzhen has emerged as one of China’s most influential central cities and has become the miracle of world industrialization, urbanization and modernization advancement.
Shenzhen was once a city without profound cultural heritage, whereas it has turned into a cultural oasis. Known as the capital of design and the city of world cultural transaction,it is also famous for the best example of  “city of readers”.If you look at Shenzhen, you can tell the development of China. If you look at Luohu District, you can tell Shenzhen’s development. On this thriving treasure land, another door is to be unfolded by Luohu District Government and Zhizheng Wenbo Group to link Chinese and world culture. This is not only a historical and cultural homeland, but also a symbol of responsibility and sentiment and a platform for education and heritage.
Here, we stand on the shoulders of giants, looking into the future; here, we trace back to the source by grasping the historical line. Civilization stems from the moment when mankind first feels Tai Chi; civilization originates from the moment when our ancestors draft on the turtle shell and inventing characters. An ability to rule the country is called “Wen”, noble morality is called “Wen” , kindness and caring are called “Wen”, granting people with a title is also called “Wen”. The character “Wen” is like the two ends of ying and yang in Tai Chi with openness. “Wen” expresses all living things with rise and fall.
“Wen” is the originator of civilization (Wenming). It is the source of this designing. Here, “Wen” is given to life. It changes and transforms, providing people with an entrance and a mark to looking into the history. The tower rises from the top of “Wen”, not affecting other buildings. It is like a slim beauty wearing a gauze, conforming to the terrain and stretching.

II Project Function
The industrial functional planning of World Museum Building mainly conveys “learning”, “exhibition” and “commerce”
2.1 “Learning”--- an international academic exchange platform for culture and museum
Based on the sound official communication mechanism, we will utilize the various kinds of academic exchanges and cooperation between Zhizheng Art Museum and Louvre Academy of France and other famous art and museum universities from home and abroad, so to create an overall academic exchange platform for international cultural and museum industries. We will set up various academic disciplines such as archeology, art history, forensic science, and museum science, and stage all kinds of domestic and international academic activities. On our effort, conservation, identification and restoration of cultural relic and other exchange activities will be launched relying on the platform of UNESCO.
2.2 “Exhibition” --- showcasing the charm of global multiple culture and arts
High-level Museum Conference Center. The International High-level Museum Conference, leaded and hosted by UNESCO and organized by Zhizheng Art Museum, will be located at the World Museum Building. In the museum, there will be the first interactive contemporary art museum for Chinese and Western Culture in China, which centers at audience and experience. It will make full use of cutting-edge modern technology and multimedia technology to create a comprehensive "culture plus Internet" experience center to show the diversified cultural development around the world.  Exhibition at the museum will contribute to better knowledge protection and passing down of cultural relics.
2.3 Commerce --- operating the largest top art works trading center and art works financial trading center.
After the completion of the World Museum Building, it will become one of the largest art works trading centers (under construction). Moreover, the International Council of Folk Museum will also be set up here.  The center is positioned as and international "Internet plus Art plus Identification plus finance” Cultural Property Rights Trading Center. It will gather international art and museum identification experts and art repair experts. Its annual turnover is expected to be above 600 billion yuan, which can be regarded as Alibaba Group in arts and culture industries.

III Internal Flows
3.1 Structural Layout
We plan to use garden level design to seamlessly link the World Museum Building project and the metro, organize underground cultural exhibition business district. There will be a ramp going upward rotation. A large-scale lecture hall will be located on the southeast side of the venue, separating from but connecting the Museum functions. The interior decoration echoes the mechanism of "Wen" with modern abstract technique reproducing the beauty of China’s sculpture.
From 1st floor to 3rd floor, there is large-scale cultural and art e-trading hall from south-east side of the venue adjacent to Shennan Avenue, which is separated from but interconnected with the museum functions. Preview and auction will be held in 7 days as a period in the Auction Trading Hall, while the E-trading Hall will enable real-time antique transactions.
We will retain the original vegetation on the south part. The aerial parts will be connected with first floor, creating a public space that is mobile, open and integrated with the building. It reflects the transparency of the building and the interaction with the surroundings to the fullest, which provides the Joe Public with a large civic cultural square.
The project intends to integrate the traditional cultural knowledge such as history and cultural relics into the landscape design in the form of display panels, electronic screens and imitation models, and popularize historical relics knowledge to the public so as to broaden people's historical cultivation and cultural feelings.

3.2 Exhibition Planning
The museum halls will take a tandem layout, going up with a ramp throughout the museum. The first hall to arrive is Ancient Calligraphy and Painting Area in the 2nd floor. It is with the style of the Royal Palace and display the famous calligraphy and painting works by famous celebrities in Song, Ming, Yuan and Qing Dynasty, such as “Eight Masters” in Yuan Dynasty, “Four Masters” in Ming Dynasty, “Four Wangs and Four Monks” in Qing Dynasty and “Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou”. Among these works, the authentic work of “Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival” by Chou Ying will be displayed on the outside electronic screen broadcast.

Circled upward you will reach European Art Exhibition Area with the Royal Palace style on the 3rd floor. There is well-known foreign oil paintings, sculptures, which is really an eye-opener. Adjacent to it is the Modern and Contemporary Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition Hall on the 4th floor. which is dotted by traditional Chinese regional symbols. Here you can enjoy the famous paintings by Zhang Daqian, Xu Beihong, Fu Baoshi, Li Keran, Huang Binhong and other modern famous master. 5th floor is the High Ancient Porcelain and Ming and Qing Dynasties Exhibition Area. All fine porcelain from all dynasties are gathered here. While enjoying, you can also appreciate the superb porcelain craft by our Chinese ancestors. The Bronzeware Area, as a sister of porcelain,  is located on the 6th floor. The decoration is simple and elegant. It has a complete range of bronzeware from the Shang and Zhou Dynasties to the Qin and Han Dynasties, adding radiance to each other with Porcelain Area. Buddhist Culture Exhibition Area located on 7th floor. Its interior decoration is the cave style, showing the heritage of Buddhism and promoting the spirit of Buddhism. The 8th floor is Miscellaneous Exhibition Area, displaying a wide range of miscellaneous artworks and allows the audience to appreciate the full range of ancient art and culture in ancient times. Intangible cultural Exhibition Area is located on the 9th floor. It will use electronic screen to rolling broadcast “Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival’’ and other national treasures collection. This will vividly display the ancient Chinese people's daily life in front of all audience. The top two floors of the skirt area are Domestic and Foreign Exchange Exhibition Area. The style is simple and can be changed at any time according to the theme of exchange. At that time, citizens will be able to enjoy the splendid arts and culture around the world without going abroad.
Building of the tower comprises campus heritage artwork education base, world museum academic appraisal & repair center, expert service supports area, apartments for expert relaxation, office area, UNESCO conference & multi-function hall, office area for world private museum society, and related supportive areas.   
The interior of the building is equipped with a 10-story indoor high atrium, a glass frame roof at the top, whose pattern is traditional Chinese window frame. During the daytime, the sunshine reflects the Chinese elements into the room through the window lattice. At night, the indoor light is exposed to the outside through the window lattice, which shows traditional but different beauty. In the intersection of light and shadow, the audience can experience the deep and exquisite Chinese history and culture.

Shenzhen is a window of China's reform and opening up, while museum is a sacred temple blending of human history and culture and carries historical changes and the pulse of future. On this magical land, we use the physical objects, video and voice to reflect historical changes and developments, showcase magnificent treasures, carry forward history and culture and pass down humanism. With “Wen” as the core, this building uses cultural relics as the bond, carrying forward the ancient and looking into the future. This building is splendid. At sunrise, it looks like snow-capped, while it is like flowing colorful clouds at sunset. When the World Museum Building completes, it will become a vital platform for cultural exchange and dialogue among people around the world. It will definitely promote the exchange and cooperation among museum industry worldwide, facilitate deep cultural cooperation and ideological interaction among all countries and safeguard the diversity of world culture and make significant contribution to the prosperity of human civilization.